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THE BALKAN ROUTE: Human Security at Europe´s Borders
Study Trip to Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary (May 14 - 27)

My goal in my teaching is to promote excellence and responsibility and in doing so help my students to become outstanding researchers and versatile practitioners in their fields of study and beyond. Therefore I try to inspire and challenge my students to go beyond the classroom and its disciplinary boundaries through exposing them to multiple logics, places, and situations − thus making learning in my classes a continuous process of interaction between people and their ideas.

To promote a sense of seriousness for all problems and ethical awareness in dealing with them − both central to my understanding of good academic practice − my teaching rests on three pillars: Always remaining close to the latest developments in research and real life problems, offering safe spaces for experiential learning, and challenging and supporting students according to their needs and interests as part of a mentoring relationship.

Finally, promoting excellence and responsibility requires the fostering of critical thinking and questioning as well constructive and creative interaction with problems. Continuously challenging what seams to be common sense, agreed theories, or even founding principles of certain disciplines, while encouraging new ideas and promoting a space for underrepresented voices, becomes the interactive heartbeat driving my classes.
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